David Burgess Foundation

Tips for completing an application

There are three mandatory selection criteria that must be addressed, which form the basis for assessment. These are:

The nature of the student’s adversity:

  • You should describe the adversity in as much detail as possible (you need to give details without breaching confidentiality, but we assure you that all information will be treated confidentially by the Foundation);
  • Adversity may include financial difficulties, personal hardship (eg. physical and sexual abuse, family breakdown), lack of family support or social support, emotional/mental or physical illness; and
  • You should indicate how receipt of this award would make the difference between the student’s success or failure at tertiary level.

The student’s commitment to his/her goals.

  • Describe how the student has overcome his/her adversity; and
  • Give evidence of the student’s initiative and will to succeed.
  • The student’s commitment to the community at large, the school etc.
  • You should demonstrate the student’s willingness to assist others within the school, the general community and/or family.

The contact teacher making this application should:

  • Supply relevant information under the three headings above
  • Details on how to apply are available at https://equitytrustees.smartygrants.com.au/burgessawards