David Burgess Foundation

The David Burgess Foundation (DBF) is a unique organisation. It plays a critical role in providing scholarships that enable Victorian Secondary school students who have suffered adversity to undertake and successfully complete tertiary studies; an outcome unlikely to have been achieved without the Foundation’s support.

The key to the scholarship’s success is that it provides financial support combined with mentoring throughout the students period of tertiary study. The financial support assists in covering educational fees whilst the mentoring provides much needed and valued emotional, career and life guidance for students, many of whom would have no such support otherwise.

The number of wonderful young Australians to have received valuable support and guidance is now well over 50 and counting, since the Foundations’ inception in 1991. This amounts to over $250,000 invested in supporting their education together with countless hours of caring mentor support. The Foundation is run by a committed Board of Management who all volunteer their time, and is supported by a generous and enthusiastic base of supporters who have collectively donated over $500,000 since its inception.

Foundation expenses are kept to a minimum, and all administration and mentoring is carried out by volunteers. We do not receive any grants but rely on donations from our supporters. Over 99% of donations received are invested and contributed to annual scholarships. The donated funds are managed by Equity Trustees, under the auspices of the Victorian Community Foundation.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.